Cherokee Announces Open Access to Gain Servicing Portal

A single collaborative ecosystem for personal injury lawyers and medical providers to save time and money by better managing and tracking personal injury liens.

Atlanta, July 27, 2021 – Earlier this month, Cherokee Legal Holdings (Cherokee), owner of Gain Servicing and Cherokee Funding, formally announced the open access of their SaaS-based, AI-enhanced third-party servicing platform, the Gain Servicing web portal. Official open access followed an initial successful rollout to previously waitlisted attorney and provider offices. In its first week since the start of open access, dozens of additional attorney and medical provider offices have been onboarded to the portal.

“The traditional funding model for personal injury patients is broken, which is why I am thrilled to announce open access to the Gain Service portal – a platform that takes AI-derived case values into consideration in order to analyze total bills and their collectability. At settlement, this results in actual dollars recovered for providers based on settlement amounts and not return minimums for funding companies. It is a game changer for everyone involved – attorneys, medical providers, funding companies, and, most importantly, patients, or plaintiffs in these instances,” said Cherokee Founder and CEO, Reid Zeising.

The Gain Servicing portal enables 24/7 access to patient information, allows rapid intake of personal injury patient data, tracks letters of protection (LOPs) and medical liens, and houses important case documents, centralizing everything in one easy-to-use collaborative environment. Out-of-the-box AI-enhanced business intelligence reporting, including detailed referral source and customary charge analysis, drives more patient volume while improving both the patient experience as well as the financial results for healthcare providers.

Additional functionality and benefits of the portal include:

Input of new claims and referrals
Access to patient/client documents, including treatment status, bills, notes and records
Critical insights that can be utilized to allocate resources needed for care
Notification when treatment is complete, with the ability to request additional documentation
Comprehensive search, view and management functionality for claims and doctor notes
Management of user accounts and contact information
Instant payoff requests

Attorneys can also use the portal to source quality provider care for clients, update case statuses, request plaintiff funding, and retrieve instant payoff amounts.

“The sophistication and ease of use of the Gain Servicing portal will change the way personal injury claims are managed across both the legal and healthcare industries,” said Cherokee Vice President of Platform Innovation & Architecture, Jonathan Razza. “We have received glowing feedback from attorneys and providers leading up to open access and we look forward to further enhancing our cloud-based platform based on our ambitious technology roadmap and through on-going collaboration with attorneys and providers across the U.S.””

Attorneys and medical providers are invited to schedule a demo of the portal as well as request login information by emailing

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Cherokee Legal Holdings (Cherokee), parent company of Gain Servicing and Cherokee Funding, is the fastest growing medical lien servicing and legal funding company in the United States. Cherokee has built a best-in-class SaaS-based, AI-enhanced technology platform designed to service and manage hundreds of thousands of third-party liability liens simultaneously, proving through consistent metrics to be much more effective for providers than managing liens in-house. For more information, go to

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