Our passion
is driven by

Thirty million U.S. residents lack health insurance, according to a 2021  National Health Interview Survey.  Yet less than half of Americans have enough savings in their bank account to cover an unexpected $1,000 expense. So what happens when someone is injured in an accident and they need medical care?
At Gain, this problem drives our purpose. To make sure that every person, injured through no fault of their own, gets access to the quality medical care they deserve. It’s a purpose we’re advancing every day. Pioneering new solutions to an old, broken insurance system. Seamlessly connecting attorneys and healthcare providers. Managing cases to improve results. Combining the power of artificial intelligence and human care. Breaking down financial barriers. Giving patients access to care without worry. And making the experience rewarding for all.
In a world where greedy insurance companies have the upper hand, putting plaintiffs, healthcare providers and attorneys in a tough spot, Gain is working to change the game. Knowing that it takes all of us, working together to win.

We exist to even the playing field, working for the millions of Americans who have been taken advantage of by the insurance industry.