Gain Personal Injury Claim Management: What we DO – and DON’T DO – for your Practice

Gain’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform for complex claims can transform your personal injury claim management, making it easier to track PI patient records, reduce claims denials, and boost the growth of your business.  

One way to better understand what Gain’s platform can do for your business is to look at what it does not do.  

But first, the do’s. 

Provide 3 product offerings for Healthcare providers 

  1. Full servicing: Gain’s SaaS-based, AI-enhanced platform manages Letters of Protection (LOPs), also commonly known as medical liens, and personal injury receivables, enabling medical providers to maintain control over their liens while streamlining communication with personal injury attorneys.   Our platform allows medical providers to connect with personal injury attorneys, share key documents faster, provide case status updates, and submit invoices, all designed to ensure providers are compensated fairly without the need to sell liens to third parties. This model not only enhances operational efficiency but also addresses attorneys’ concerns, creating a win-win scenario for providers, attorneys, and patients alike by combining the best of lien management with comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) support. 
  2. Partial advance: With the Partial Advance option, Gain provides a percentage of invoice to a provider up front, helping to manage cash flow and pay operational expenses while you wait for the settlement. Partial advances also carry certain tax advantages and further reduce risk for medical providers. Gain’s partial advance also comes with the potential for revenue sharing on the back end.  
  3. A/R Purchase: We understand that selling medical liens isn’t the first choice or most economical for healthcare providers, but sometimes it’s necessary to ensure you can provide care without worrying about paying your operational costs in a timely fashion. That’s why Gain offers a straightforward option to buy your medical liens. This way, you get paid upfront, removing the uncertainty of when and how much you’ll receive. Our goal is to help you focus on what you do best: caring for your patients, by offering a reliable financial solution when you need it.  

Maximize returns and minimize risk

Gain’s proprietary AI and predictive analytics maximize returns. Our services come with quality of earnings verification for private equity investors and lenders. With our full suite of lien/LOP services and funding options, you can minimize claim denials to below 2% and leverage our third-party status to minimize your risk of being targeted as having a vested interest. 

Document management

Gain’s secure document storage and messaging system makes it easy to share all necessary documents and updates, saving valuable staff time.  Having the correct documentation for treatment ensures that insurers settle for what is fair and equitable. The Gain platform is built to ensure the documents attorneys need are delivered in an expedited and efficient manner.  

Facilitate communication

Our services help medical and legal teams stay in sync, which is critical to achieving positive outcomes for the patient. On our platform, medical and legal staff can share timely updates and stay informed on the progress of care and developments for the patient.  

Foster better financial decision-making

Our AI-enhanced platform combines business intelligence with analytics to generate reports and data that will drive better business decision-making. Our platform’s analytics benchmark reimbursement amounts to thousands of similar lawsuits, helping ensure you receive what is fair and equitable. 

What We Don’t Do

Generate leads or referrals: We do not help medical providers generate leads or referrals. Rather, our platform uses a geo-locator to help attorneys find providers close to the patient. Attorneys can access a nationwide map to source medical care or search for nearby providers utilizing the client’s home address. 

Provide health insurance: Our platform does not replace the need for traditional health insurance. The Gain platform and services aim to make sure that third-party liability carriers properly compensate patients for their injuries.

Since the 1990s, the country’s largest insurance companies have been using a software program called Colossus that effectively works as a claims denial program. In adopting Colossus, insurance companies have put profits over policyholders. The Gain platform believes that injured patients, through no fault of their own, are deserving of high-quality medical care. 

Act as a health care provider: We do not provide any of the functions of a healthcare provider in delivering care. Our case managers provide requests for transportation to appointments, access to prescription cards, and other important services related to personal injury medical care, freeing up medical provider staff time and making sure patients get the care they deserve, but in no way do we make medical recommendations. 

The medical side of our portal is designed exclusively to support medical practices in their work, simplifying and taking on the administrative task load and financial risk associated with LOPs and medical liens.  

Offer legal advice: Our platform and services are designed to manage the financial and administrative aspects of medical liens and LOPs, not to provide legal counsel. Attorneys that represent plaintiffs in personal injury cases are clients of ours who use the Gain platform to track client records, obtain case status updates, and communicate with medical providers.  

When it comes to what Gain’s platform does do, the results speak for themselves. On average, we collect nearly 900 basis points more than providers do when they self-service their own medical lien accounts. As of early 2024, over $250 million of medical care has been facilitated through our platform and $800 million in medical liens have been serviced.  

Our leading personal injury management software is the industry’s most advanced way to handle LOP agreements, personal injury receivables, and medical liens. Click here to request a personalized consultation with a Gain specialist today


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