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A couple of years ago, we shared a sample of our customer reviews. To us, there is no better way to demonstrate what we do, how legal and medical funding works and the impact it has on our customers than to share testimonials and customer feedback. It is a great source of measurement of where we are doing things right, while also shedding light on areas where we can improve.

For those going through a lawsuit settlement, you may be vetting legal funding and other pre-settlement loan options. Below are stories and examples from people who were in your shoes, who had recently been injured in an accident or otherwise going through a personal injury lawsuit, who were looking for a resource to provide them with the pre-settlement funds they needed to fight for what they were owed.

Recent Customer Reviews of Cherokee Funding:
“My first experience with Cherokee Funding was such a pleasant one. The representatives were kind, considerate, knowledgeable and respectful to me. They explained everything to me so that I had all my questions answered and that I was comfortable with my choice of using their service. The timeline I was given was exactly as stated. Cherokee Funding is a very professional company and I would gladly recommend them.” – Rikki Cain

Cherokee Funding came through in crunch time for me prior to getting my settlement. I have missed numerous days of work due to my accident and Cherokee Funding helped ease the financial stress that has been put on me.” – Rob

“Cherokee Funding was there for me in my time of need. The process was quick, smooth, and easy – and the fee for service is fair.” – Terri Price

“Cherokee can get you the money you need fast. The interest isn’t too bad if you pay it back in the first few months. – Anquie Harrell

“Extremely helpful in my time of need. [They] wouldn’t even let me off the phone until they were sure that I completely understood the process and felt 100% comfortable moving forward. And the process was super quick. 24 hours later they called to tell me I was approved. They are awesome and have my highest recommendation.” – Pandora Swint

“At first I had a problem reaching out to finance companies and lending agenc[ies], but after my bills start[ed] to accumulate I had no choice. Reaching out to Cherokee Funding was one the best choices I ever made.” – Carmelia Leak

“Cherokee Funding made it possible for me to purchase a new car after the accident, this helped me keep my job while the case was still going on…They also have very good interest rates as opposed to the other people I checked out.” – Zaneta N. Williams

“I really appreciate Cherokee Funding helping me with the funds that they presented me with [the funds were] able to take me out of the financial hole [from] my medical [bills].” – Ethel Ford

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