Achieve better outcomes
with experienced
management services.

Gain Managed Services puts a team of experts on your side to handle everything from coordinating care and monitoring the status of cases, to managing the complexities of LOP agreements to optimize outcomes. See what you have to gain today. 

All of us, working
together to win.

The Gain team works with personal injury attorneys and healthcare professionals to help clients and patients get the care they deserve, while optimizing the value of case settlements and reimbursements. In a world where insurance companies push against what’s fair,  we’re in it to help us all win the right way. 

Proactive monitoring of every case from start to finish.

We monitor every case on our Platform, to make sure all parties are keeping information up to date, and progress is being made. Case managers provide gentle reminders and offer assistance to address questions or overcome obstacles along the way. 

Expert negotiation to optimize financial outcomes.

Lean on our expertise to help you access Gain’s AI-enhanced data to understand the value of treatment based on similar lawsuits. We also help healthcare providers negotiate reductions and write-offs to increase collection amounts.  

Concierge support to access care.

Our case managers handle requests for transportation to appointments, access to prescription cards and other important services related to personal injury medical care. Freeing up staff time and making sure clients get the care they deserve.

Platform training and technical support.

The Gain Managed Services team provides assistance to attorney and healthcare provider teams to access and utilize all of the features of our industry leading LOP servicing platform. From setup and getting cases into the system, to learning how the powerful AI-enhanced insights can help your practice move forward and grow. 

Outcomes that make a difference.

Gain Servicing has a business model that allows our practice to accept, and hold, Letters of Protection as a form of payment. Resulting in our practice being able to concentrate on superior clinical outcomes as well as better access to high quality medical care for everyone, regardless of payor source.


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