Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services

Elevate your practice with the leading AI-enhanced revenue cycle management service platform, expert managed services support, and financial solutions designed to maximize your practice’s potential. By working with Gain, you can expand your capacity to serve more patients and provide them with the quality care they rightly deserve. Because everyone deserves to gain.

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Connecting Personal Injury Clients With Care

When a patient seeks care due to a personal injury accident and lacks the financial means to pay for treatment, navigating the insurance system is a major problem. A Letter of Protection (LOP) provides a way to get paid but comes with the risk and complication of holding and managing liens. 

Gain is the established leader in offering Letters of Protection for medical services, collections, and funding. We provide the support you need to ensure you are compensated fairly, allowing you more time to concentrate on what you do best—delivering top-quality patient care.

Innovative to the core.

From providing connections to patients in need of treatment to streamlining communications, our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software, The Gain Platform, is the industry’s most advanced way to handle LOP agreements, personal injury receivables, and medical liens.

  • Get connected with personal injury attorneys through the industry’s most complete provider map network.
  • Seamlessly connect with attorneys to coordinate and share documents, case updates, invoices, and more.
  • Compare reimbursement amounts to thousands of similar lawsuits to help ensure fair payment for the service provided.
  • Use AI-enhanced reports to make informed practice decisions related to referral sources, case financials, and more.

The power of personal support.

With Gain Managed Services, you have a team of experts dedicated to taking on the challenge of managing personal injury receivables and medical liens, partnering to advance the success of your practice.

  • Complete platform support to help your team succeed, from setup and integrations to case management activities. 
  • Rely on us to monitor progress and follow up on key items to make sure cases are advancing toward settlement.
  • Lean on our expertise to push back on reductions, reduce write-offs, and increase collection amounts. 
  • Leverage our third-party status to minimize your risk of being targeted as having a vested interest.


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Funding to fit your needs.

Connect with our team to access funding options from Gain that free up staff time, reduce risk, and optimize cash flow for your practice.

  • Gain collects, on average, nearly 900 basis points more than providers do when they self-service their own medical lien accounts.
  • With medical funding, get payment at or near the time of service rather than waiting until cases are resolved.
  • Use our medical lien collections and management services to transfer responsibility for negotiation and collection to the Gain team.
  • Let us purchase your unpaid medical lien receivables to give you an immediate cash infusion at the highest prices.




Gain has a proven track record of helping healthcare providers free up time to focus on patient care and providing tools and support to optimize practice potential. Want to see how we can move your practice forward? Contact us for a free consultation and calculation of the positive impact of working with Gain.