Why Same Day Approval Funding Matters in Personal Injury Settlements

Like most of our service lines and capabilities at Gain, Same Day Cash Advances was created as a response to the needs of our clients. At the urging of law firms and medical practice groups, we created Same Day Cash Advances to help our clients get the money they need as quickly as possible.

How Same Day Cash Advances Works

The people applying for Same Day Cash Advances are doing so because they are in urgent need of funds. This is especially true for those clients who have recently been in an accident and are awaiting settlement.

More often than not, these same people are unable to continue working due to their accident, and regular reoccurring monthly bills like heat, hot water, rent, and electricity are adding up. And this is exactly why we started offering Same Day Cash Advances. It is intended for clients in need of funds quickly, which is why operationally we have established a process that does not require a credit check, nor is there a fee to apply.

Same Day Cash Advances applies to funding needs up to $2,500.00 against motor vehicle accident cases. Completed applications must be received by 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time in order for same day funding to apply. It is also important to note that both the applicant and the applicant’s attorney must sign the accompanying contract in order for the funds to be sent out.

We encourage those applying to talk with their attorney’s office before applying, not only for guidance but to make sure they are available to receive and execute the contract on the plaintiff’s behalf. Cash advances for all other case types are usually funded within 24-hours of receipt of the completed application, if not the same day.

Same Day Cash Advances does not apply during bank and other federally recognized holidays.

Same Day Cash Advances: Step-by-Step Process

The Same Day Cash Advances process starts with our application, which can be accessed here, or plaintiffs can call 855-394-2274 and complete the application by talking with one of our intake specialists.

The application form is simple and designed to expedite the process for the fastest possible service to our clients. We also do not run a credit check for this particular application.

The completed application is assigned to a Gain Intake Specialist who will guide the plaintiff through the initial steps, including gathering information from the plaintiff:

  • Contact information, including full name, phone number, and date of birth
  • Attorney’s contact information
  • The amount of money being requested
  • The name of any prior funding company and amount received, if applicable

After the application has been received, Gain will contact the plaintiff’s attorney to complete the underwriting process, which will include:

  • A copy of the police and/or accident report, and
  • The name and contact information of the insurance carrier, as well as the policy limits

If approved, Gain will then email the plaintiff and the attorney a contract for signature. Money is sent after the contract has been signed and is received the same day, so long as the contract has been signed by the attorney’s office by 4:00 PM EST.

Clients requesting Same Day Cash Advances must also have an established bank account to receive the electronic funds.

Why 24-Hours Matters

Same Day Cash Advances was created out of the countless real stories we encountered of mothers and grandmothers and primary caretakers who have had electricity or gas shut off around them because they couldn’t afford the bills rolling in. Or, the families we have known who have depleted all that is in their refrigerators and were forced to make hard choices about what to pay for and if that included food or not. It’s for the people we’ve known who have faced vehicle repossession or potential eviction.

We’re proud to say that no other legal funding company comes close to supplying cash advances this fast, this simply, or this affordably in legal funding.

And although there is no impact on the case outcome, the impact is directly felt by those that matter most the plaintiffs in need of financial relief while they continue to wait for a fair settlement. Living expenses don’t stop, even when an accident happens, and that’s where Same Day Cash Advances comes in.

We have designed our operational process around offering Same Day Cash Advances to require limited documentation, which allows for a quick response and turnaround time. It’s all about plaintiff satisfaction and relief. For attorneys and case managers, this means saving valuable resources from respectfully and kindly having to field the real issues people are facing, and it gets it to the people who can help and that’s us.


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