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Gain Financial Solutions gives healthcare providers, and personal injury plaintiffs peace of mind knowing that financial obligations are covered while waiting on a legal case to settle. See how we can help you gain control.

Solutions to help healthcare practices thrive.

Treating personal injury patients who lack the financial means to pay, creates a unique set of challenges for providers. Managing LOPs, liens and receivables associated with legal cases, means waiting for payment, and adds administrative complexity. Gain Financial Solutions helps you alleviate these concerns, improving cash flow and collections.

Medical Payment Funding

For personal injury patients with pending legal cases, Gain can provide payment at or near the time of treatment. This eliminates the need for you to hold a lien and wait until cases are resolved to get paid. Gain Financial Solutions assumes the lien on your behalf, and collects when the case is settled.

Lien Management Services

Rely on the experts at Gain Financial Solutions to take on the responsibility for negotiation and collection of medical liens associated with LOPs. Using data from our AI-enhanced LOP servicing platform, and experienced perspective we help practices reduce write-offs and improve collections – on average 900 basis points more than practices that self-manage lien receivables.

Bulk Lien Purchase

If you have outstanding liens, talk to the Gain Financial Solutions team about a bulk purchase program. Get cash now and eliminate the time and stress associated with managing and collecting lien receivables.

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Plaintiff cash advances
to cover expenses.

If you been injured in a personal injury accident, and need funds to pay for expenses while you wait for a legal case to settle, Gain Financial Solutions has you covered. With a pre-settlement cash advance, you’ll have quick and easy access to funds to pay bills or for medical treatment. Plus, there’s no repayment if a settlement is not reached and paid out.

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